Really deservedly--De Plastics won the Silver Award in the Technology Innovation Competition! !

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On December 3, 2018, the 2018 Heshan Industrial Design and Technology Innovation Contest Finals was successfully concluded in the Zhuxi Design Valley Exhibition Hall in Guangdong. After a fierce competition, Guangdong Desu Technology Group Co., Ltd. won the Silver Award in the Technology Innovation Contest with its excellent strength! !

In 2018, the Heshan Industrial Design and Technology Innovation Competition focused on “Design, Innovation, Intelligence, Development” to accelerate the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, create a good environment for creative creation, stimulate the enthusiasm of design innovation for all, and give full play to industrial design and The service and driving role of innovative technology in the city's industrial transformation and upgrading will promote the high-quality development of the city's economy. From the start of the contest on September 14th to the end of November 5th, the organizing committee of the competition has collected 485 works in various fields.

The finals of this competition invited the Vice President of China Industrial Design Association Professor Tang Chongxi, Wu Jian University, Vice Minister of Intelligent Manufacturing, Wang Jiansheng, Guangzhou Atomic Design Director, Senior Industrial Designer Liang Zhiliang, and Yueke Venture Capital Investment Director, Provincial Innovation. Li Wei, the judge of the Entrepreneurship Competition, and Chen Yonghang, Dean of the Jiangmen Innovation and Design Institute, were judges.

In 2018, the Heshan Industrial Design and Technology Innovation Competition passed the preliminary evaluation and final public debate. After the review by the competition judging panel, the concept group was awarded (1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, 3 bronze medals, 10 winners, Encourage a number of awards), product group (1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, 5 bronze medals, 6 winners), technical innovation group (2 silver medals, 3 bronze medals, 2 winners).

Deplastic PVC-RT pipe won the Silver Award in Technology Innovation Competition

Learn more about PVC-RT tubing

Traditional PVC hard products are high in strength, brittle, strong and brittle;

Traditional PVC soft products have high toughness, low strength, soft and tough;

How to develop a material that achieves a strong and tough effect?

Our company has taken a different approach, fostered strengths and circumvented weaknesses, and cooperated with many well-known domestic universities and nanomaterial manufacturers to prepare nano-functional materials by low-temperature carbonization process and crystal form control technology.

At the same time, the above-mentioned new environmentally-friendly nano-functional materials are fully utilized, and melt-blending and extrusion molding with PVC is carried out, and the function of strengthening and toughening of inorganic nano-materials to PVC is effectively exerted, and a new type of nano-reinforced and toughened is developed based on application function. Engineering special drain pipe, namely PVC-RT pipe. Finally, the result is “a method for preparing high-gloss high-strength and toughness pipe” (the patent application number or patent number 201810987672.4 in the application has been approved)

In terms of aesthetic appearance, the patented technology “Available for fixing high-gloss PVC drainage pipes” (Patent No. ZL 2018 2 0296914.0) is used to enhance the gloss of the surface of the pipe.

In terms of economical practicability, PVC-RT has taken into account the adaptability of market products in the design process. All relevant specifications are current national standard specifications, and can be compatible with conventional drainage products (including GB/T58742 standard GB/T20221 standard).

In terms of environmental protection, PVC-RT is modified by nano-functional materials. The material does not contain harmful plasticizers and heavy metal components such as lead. At the same time, titanium dioxide is used for UV aging, so it will not be used under normal use. Producing plastic particles, the environment is extremely friendly.

1. The use of the plastics industry in recent years has been affected by the plastics industry. Therefore, in the process of research and development of nano-functional materials, the main designer proposed to develop a new functional material instead of plasticizer.

2. In recent years, the plastic pipe industry has begun the transition process of lead-free products. Deplastic Group is in the forefront of the industry. In 2017, it has completed the lead-free switching of the complete series of products. The PVC-RT pipeline is a mature lead-free environment. One of a series of products.

PVC-RT pipe will inevitably drive the development and technological development of PVC pipe industry!

Although the PVC material itself has high strength, due to poor impact resistance, it is often safe to sacrifice strength or increase wall thickness, and does not give full play to the advantages of high strength of PVC material, resulting in waste of PVC material. While PVC-RT enhances the safety of material applications, it can fully exploit the advantages of PVC by reducing the design factor of the pipeline and adopting high design stress, and expand it in suitable application fields. The successful development and application of PVC-RT has provided new ideas for the development and technological innovation of the PVC pipe industry.